February 22, 2024

37th FAI World Gliding Championship

World Champion


The Team have now returned from Narromine in NSW Australia (gliders are still on the high seas courtesy of the shenanigans in the Red Sea!) with Tom Arscot having been crowned as Standard Class World Champion.  The story is best told in Tom’s own words:

“After 10 gruelling days of racing against 20 of the best pilots in the world, I am truly humbled to be able to call myself a World Champion. Whilst I’m no stranger to flying at Narromine, having flown my first Junior Worlds here 8 years ago, 2023 was my first time flying Standard Class on the international stage.

We had some incredibly varied weather conditions during the 10 days of competition. From 43 degree blue days, to shear wave, fast cumulus days, convergences, showers, storms, smoke and gust fronts. It made for some pretty exciting flying, although it also made it pretty difficult to maintain the level of consistency required to win a competition at this level.

Of course , this result would not have been possible without the help and support of many people, and I owe them a massive thanks. Firstly, to my teammate Paul, for being an incredible wing man and friend throughout not just the competition, but the whole season. To my awesome crew Clem (of Glide and Seek fame), who not only took on the burden of being my full time carer for the competition, but also masterminded the exceptional ground support we had from GB Base on the radio each day, relaying critical weather and tactical information. To the other British Gliding Team pilots Tim, Johnny, Derren and Phil for their support and advice throughout the competition. To Werner, our TC and all the other crews in the team for bending over backwards to help out whenever needed, and getting me out of a pickle on numerous occasions.

I also owe plenty of thanks to those outside of the team. Firstly, to Claire Scutter and Andy Maddocks of Maddog Composites for the loan of their amazing LS8 Neo ‘CC’ for the competition, and to Jon and Mike Gatfield for the use of their lovely LS8 ‘L9’ for the European season. To Matt Scutter from SkySight for his remote weather support. To all the volunteers who made this year’s WGC possible. To our team sponsor Naviter SeeYou for their support with equipment and licenses. To my fellow competitors for a safe and fair competition, and their friendly rivalry throughout. And finally to the many other friends and family who helped me out along the way.

What next? Well, it’s probably about time I wrapped up my temporary retirement/gap year and found myself a job again. Not before a few weeks of travel around Australia and New Zealand though. Gliding wise, I’m not sure yet, but watch this space…”

Very many congratulations to Tom!




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