The UK has been one of the world’s most successful gliding nations in recent years. Since the turn of the century, Britain has produced no fewer than 14 world champions and has recorded a total of 35 top 3 finishes. Britain is consistently ranked in the top 3 in the International Gliding Commission’s world rankings.
Latest British successes:

2014 World Gliding Championships

20m 2 Seat Class:   Gold   Steve & Howard Jones
Open Class:   Silver   Andy Davis.
Std Class:   Bronze   Jez Hood

2012 World Gliding Championships

18m Class:   Bronze  Mike Young.

2011 European Gliding Championships

18m Class:   Bronze  Russell Cheetham.

2011 Women’s World Championships

Club Class:   Silver   Ayala Liran

2010 World Gliding Championships

Open Class:   Silver   Steve Jones
15m Class:   Silver  Leigh Wells

2009 European Gliding Championships

Open Class:   Gold   Pete Harvey, Bronze   Steve Jones
18m Class:   Gold   Russell Cheetham, Silver   Mike Young

2007 Women’s World Championships

Standard Class:    Gold    Sarah Kelman
Club Class:   Gold   Gill Spreckley

2007 European Gliding Championships

Open Class:   Gold   Pete Harvey
15m Class:   Bronze   Leigh Wells

2006 World Championships

18m Class:    Gold    Phil Jones
Standard Class:    Gold     Leigh Wells,    Bronze    Jez Hood
Open Class:     Bronze    Pete Harvey







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