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  • The Team’s Gliders arrive at Lake Keepit

    November 28, 2019

    Team container arrives in Lake Keepit

    The gliders to be flown by the team in the Women’s World Championships arrived at Lake Keepit gliding club in Australia this week.

    The gliders were packed into the container at the beginning of September. The container left the UK by sea in the middle of September, arriving in Sydney in late October – but was then quarantined until a customs inspector with knowledge of gliders could be found to confirm the gliders and all the equipment in the container was spotlessly clean and met the Australian requirement not to bring foreign fauna into the country.

    British team member Ayala Truelove was on hand to welcome the container to Lake Keepit gliding club. Sadly even though Ayala had been waiting for her glider for a week, she had to wait until the next day to (carefully) unpack the container as it was too windy when the container arrived.

    Ayala opens the container

    Gliders inside the container

    We were all very relieved to find that the gliders were still safely tied down and had survived their trip to Lake Keepit!

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  • March 15, 2017

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