August 25, 2017


The Crew should be members of a very exclusive club; the Sailplane Crew Union Members club (SCUM).  They can, and do, come in all shapes and sizes as you will see from the collection of photos below.

Without a crew, pilots would simply not be able to perform at their best.  The crew generally are responsible for ensuring that the aircraft is made ready every day, taken through the weighing station and put on the grid at the designated spot.  At the launch time they can be seen whispering good things into the ear of their pilot, then holding the wings level for launch and then retiring to their lair to await progress reports.  Whilst the pilots are in the air, crew can often been seen lurking in the area of control looking like expectant parents to be.  They will ensure that the Glider Trailer is ready just in case of an out-landing but will confidently expect their pilot to have a good run and get back to the airfield where they will collect them and tow them back to the parking area.  Gliders can also be re-ballasted at this time as it will save time in the morning.  Then they do the  same again… and again….and again….

The cast:


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