January 22, 2017


After delayed launching waiting for the day to get going it was tasks in the blue for all classes yesterday. And a good day for the Brits. In the Open Class Russ and Andy were embroiled in a tactical battle with the German EB29R pair, eventually starting impossibly late and being well beaten on the day by the earlier starters. Long after the thermals should have stopped and with Andy leading Michael Sommer down the unrewarding ridges into the last turn, Russ took the direct route across the valley to the last TP and found the key last half knot climb to overcome the wingspan differential and finish ahead of Michael and clinch the Gold medal. Andy scraping home to finish in the Bronze medal position.

In the 18 metre solid performances by Mike and Steve saw Mike finish with Bronze and Steve in 7th overall.

In 15 metre class, Derren finished 6th overall, a great performance for his first world championships. For Ed, not his best championships but he kept at it and his contribution was also very important – see below.

Today was prize giving; not only did we receive the three individual medals but also the Team Gold thanks to a great performance by all our pilots.

On a personal note, it was a pleasure flying with Russ in the Open Class. He was always the best pilot, consistently outflying me. I will have bad dreams about his glider literally flying away from me for weeks to come. His win was thoroughly deserved.

My thanks to Max Kirschner our Team Captain – his local contacts and contribution to our team effort was immense. Thanks you to our crews and extended team with lots of invaluable help from local expat Brits. Special thanks to Pami my  wonderful wife and crew – I couldn’t do it without you Babes.

Thank you Gliding Club of Victoria and to the entire WGC Team.

Next stop for me is Director of the European Gliding Championships at Lasham, UK, in August 2017.